COVID-19 Announcement

Our priority is always the safety of our clients, employee associates, their families and agency partners. We are taking the Corona Virus (COVID-19) threat very seriously and we want to assure you we are prepared for a broad range of potential issues. We are focusing on the health and safety of our employee associates while continuing to help serve our clients.

We have put in place guidance for our associates detailing how to protect against the transmission of the virus reccommneded by health authorites. This includes hand-washing protocols, sanitizing the office and high touch areas.

We are also restricitng all outside visitors from coming into the office and asking for any servicing, payments, change and questions to be handled by phone or email.

We want to stress that it is still business as usual and we will make every effort to keep up levels of efficiency and service to our clients.

Please do not hesitiate to reach out to Affinity Insurance if there is anything we can do to provide additional service to you.

Thank you for your continued trust in Affinity Insurance. We wish you and your families continued good health!

March 30th, 2020 by Affinity Insurance Group